AUG 14, 2013

4 things that could ruin your wedding and how to prevent them

That’s right, I said ruin your wedding. No one wants that do they?

Unfortunately we can’t always predict what’s going to happen and sometimes factors come into play that are beyond our control that mess things up a little.

Thankfully I know the most common of these factors and I’m going to share them with you here and hopefully help you avoid them.

Let’s dive in...


Weddings are expensive ordeals. I know this and I’m sure that you know this. Money is the most common factor that ruins a wedding. More often than not people have a dream wedding in mind and allocate a budget to create it.

The problem is, they don’t incorporate everything that could go wrong, people cancelling and so on that will force your arm into spending a more money.

To combat this I always recommend that people budget way over their initial estimate. This way they’re prepared for any type of eventuality.

I understand that your budget is there so you don’t over spend but you need to make sure that you have enough. If you have to, don’t be afraid to cut things out of the big day. It might seem like a big deal at the time but as you walk the isle, I promise that you’ll quickly forget about it.

The guests

I’m sure you have seen a romcom that featured an unruly wedding guest ruining the day. “But they’re my friends and family, what could they possibly do to ruin my wedding”. Well, there are lots of things that they could do without even realising it.

Someone could get horribly drunk, they could turn up late, they could argue with another guest and so on. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if they become the main attraction on the day, I’m sure that you’d have a problem with it.

To avoid this, put rules in place. I know it might seem a little over the top but if you want to stop risky guests from taking control you’re going to need them. Why not say that anyone over 10 minutes late to the ceremony isn’t allowed in? No alcohol beforehand. All family feuds are mute for the day.

Remember – this is your special day. Do whatever you have to ensure it goes how you want it to.

The food

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who hire a caterer but don’t test the food before they hire them.

Imagine, the day has been perfect so far, the ceremony something you’ll never forget. And then everyone gets food poising from the horrible food put out by your in-experience catering company.

Always put plenty of research into the catering company that you’re going to hire and always taste samples of their food before you hand over any money.

The photographer

Your photographs are going to help you remember that special day from all angles. They need to be perfect. Before you hire a photographer look into the different styles of photography you could go for.

You should also get in touch with other people who have hired the photographer and ask about their experiences. I’ve heard of a lot of bossy photographers ruining someone’s special day by demanding that their pictures are taken the way that they want, not the way you want.

Leave nothing to chance!

Created on 14th August 2013
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