SEP 30, 2013

5 of the most common things that brides forget

With all the planning that goes into a wedding you won’t be surprised to learn that you’re probably going to forget something. There’s so much on your plate something’s bound to fall off.

Here we’re going to look at some of the most common things that brides forget so that you can remember them!

To eat

I know it sounds a little dramatic but there are plenty of starving brides to be out there. Whether they forget to eat because they’re stressed or they just don’t have time, it can have a massive effect on the day itself. You want to feel fighting fit when you wake up on the big day so make sure that you’re eating plenty. I understand that you don’t want to put on too much weight and not be able to fit into your dress, but you don’t want to feint on your way down the aisle either do you?

Charge your tech

On the day of your wedding you’re going to want two things nearby – your phone and your camera. Something goes wrong, or you need to alter something? You have your phone at hand. See a special moment between family members or want your very own home video of the day? Camera at the ready.

Too many brides though, forget to make sure that these items have enough juice to last the day. Make sure that you charge everything you need completely the night before. This way you’ll have plenty of battery to get you through the day.

Legal documents

So you’ve got through the day so far without a hitch. It’s time to sign the wedding certificate. After all, that’s the main reason you’ve gone through all of this! Without the necessary documents though, you won’t be able to sign that all important certificate. Make sure you don’t forget them!

Post wedding

You’ve spent all the time planning the day of the wedding, but what about after the day is done? Where are you staying? Is there a hotel nearby? What about the day after? There’s probably a lot to organise in terms of payments, clean ups and so on. So don’t think it’s over just yet!


Lastly, give a thought to e all the people that helped your wedding day happen. The photographer, the hair and make up people, the venue and so on. Why not take out a couple of hours to jump on their site and leave them a nice testimonial? They’ll sure appreciate it! 

Created on 30th September 2013
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