AUG 14, 2013

5 secrets to a stress free wedding day

I don’t need to tell you that trying to organising your wedding day can be stressful. But I do need to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

One of the most memorable days of your life shouldn’t be clouded by worry. You should be able to enjoy everything, from start to finish.

So, if you want to enjoy a stress free wedding read on.

I might just be able to help.

Give yourself plenty of time

Last minute rushing pushes us all into a stress induced frenzy. “Look at everything that still needs to be done! There’s so little time...” and so on. This doesn’t just happen when planning a wedding though. It can happen trying to organise a holiday, a work social, or just trying to get your day started.

The key to combating it is providing yourself with enough time to get everything ready. Write a list of everything that still needs to be done in order of importance and work your way through it. Do the caterers still need to be paid? Have you organised the table centre pieces etc.

Don’t take everything on yourself

As I said, there’s a lot that needs doing when you’re trying to organise a wedding. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself. It isn’t possible!

I guarantee that friends and family members will be more than willing to help. Designate any tasks that can’t be organised well ahead of time to them. This way you won’t have to worry about a million and one things. You’ll know that the delivery of your cake is in safe hands.

If for some reason your friends and family aren’t prepared to help then you should look into hiring a wedding planner who can.

I promise that taking too much on will only end in you being run off your feet, not having enough time to enjoy everything.

Pack everything you need the night before

On the morning of the wedding you won’t have time do think, never mind pack things.

Consider what you’re going to need for the big day and pack it all the night before. A change of clothes, make-up, deodorant, whatever you need, just make sure it’s done before.

Book hair and makeup early

I’ve heard of too many nightmare stories when it comes to hair and make-up. Always make sure that you book them for very early in the morning. This way, if there’s anything you want changing about your look, they have plenty of time to do it.

Make sure you go first too. Don’t let your bridesmaids have their make-up done before you. It could end up taking longer than anticipated.

Have fun

I know it’s hard, but try not thinking about every tiny little detail on the day itself. Just enjoy your wedding day!

Laugh with your bridesmaids, dance with your groom, talk with your family. Do everything you’re supposed to and that means have fun!

Created on 14th August 2013
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