SEP 30, 2013

5 ways to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

Some couples say that your first year of marriage will be the hardest. Whilst this isn’t the case for everyone it’s still worth celebrating a year as a married couple.

The question is – what do you do to mark this mementos occasion? Well there are plenty of things to do. All you need is a little imagination. Here we’ve come with 5 ideas to help get you started. Enjoy...

Your wedding cake

A lot of couples like to freeze the top of their wedding cake and save it for their first year anniversary. It’s a tradition that stretches back a long time. If you are going to do this then make sure that you wrap it up properly.

If you ate it all on the night (don’t worry, no one is judging) then why not consider having a smaller version of the cake made for your anniversary? It’ll be a nice reminder of your big day.

Stay at your wedding venue

While we’re talking about reminding yourself of that special day, why not go the whole hog and head back the venue of your wedding day? You could stay for a couple of nights and remember your time there. Or do all the things you didn’t have time to do on your first go round.

Whilst your fist wedding anniversary should be about moving forward, it’s also a great time to remember your wedding day and what could be better than going back to the venue you loved so much?

Head on holiday

If you have some money to burn and want to celebrate that 1 year milestone then head on holiday together. I’m sure there’s somewhere that you both have always dreamed of visiting, so why not go now? There’s never a better time than your anniversary to jet off on holiday.

You, your husband, the sun – what could be better than that!?

Exchange gifts

If you want to save some money and stay close to home then why not consider buying gifts for each other. Now you’ve been married a year I’m sure you both know exactly what the other would like. It’s an understated way to show that you love each other. Never underestimate the meaning of a well thought out gift!

Throw a party

If you’re looking to involve your friends and family for your anniversary why not throw a big party!? Get everyone together to celebrate 1 year of married life. You could even pull out that top layer of cake and share it out amongst your guests.

Celebrating your first year of married life shouldn’t be neglected. Make sure you do something for it. No matter what that something is! 

Created on 30th September 2013
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