AUG 14, 2013

How to choose the wedding venue that’s right for you

I’m sure that you’ve been planning your wedding for a long, long time. So you probably know exactly the type of location you want to hold the wedding.

The day has a lot to live up to, not just in your expectations but in your guests too.

Picking the venue that’s perfect for you can be a daunting task. Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Here’s a brief guide to help you pick the wedding venue that’s right for you.


Firstly, you’ll have to decide on the place you want to hold your wedding. Do you want it close to home or somewhere else entirely?

Do you want to get married in a traditional chapel, a castle or outside?

Discuss with your other half the places you have in mind and bounce ideas off each other. Remember, this is a two way street and you might not want the same thing. Be prepared to compromise.

If you’re heading overseas then be prepared to put a lot, and I mean a lot, of time into getting everything in order.


Once you have decided on the location it’s time to get down to specific places. Ask friends and family members who wed in the same area if they have any suggestions. If not, start surfing the web and look at the various places on offer.

Give plenty of time to look at the different places that you’ve found on the web. Check out testimonial pages, galleries and so on. Their site should give you a good idea as to the type of venue they offer.

Create a list of the places you like the look of and then move on to the next tip.

The visit

Now you have your list of potential wedding locations it’s time to head out and pay them all a visit. You should create a check list of everything that you’re looking for in your venue and when you visit each location, refer back to it.

While you’re there ask plenty of questions. Do they offer any entertainment, what’s the capacity, will it be fully staffed? You need to make sure that they offer everything that you need.

Sleep on it

Once you’ve visited each location I’d put money on the fact that there’s more than one that you like. Don’t rush into handing over any money or booking the venue until you’re completely sure.

Sleep on it for a few nights, mull it over with your other half and family members. The wedding venue is going to play a hugely important role in how the day itself will pan out, so don’t rush into anything. 

Created on 14th August 2013
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